The Brits Invade The WSOP

Probably a more meaningful headline would be something like “Brits Perform Proportionately Better Than Other Nations at 2011 WSOP” but that wouldn’t be a particularly exciting headline.  There’s no doubt though that the contingent form the Old Country has done the business so far and there are still a few events left in which to shine.

Jake Cody started the run off with a victory in the $25,000 Heads Up Hold’em event.  That netted him a bracelet and $850,000.  Next to win was Matt Perrins whose win in the $1500 2-7 Lowball event is worth an article in itself.  Never having played the game before he made it to the end of the first day in a relatively strong position and took the opportunity to research Lowball strategy on the internet before returning to pick up the bracelet and just over $100,000 in prize money.  Second place also went to another Brit, Chris Bjorin.

The third winner was Darren Woods from Lincolnshire who swept to victory in the $2500

Darren Woods

Limit Hold’em Six Hander.  He beat of a field of 354 players to grab the bracelet and a bit more than $200,000.  An impressive number of final table places have also been filled by British players.

Perhaps the American’s are a bit demotivated this year.  Online poker players have been hammered for weeks now following Black Friday, Blue Monday and the closing down of many U.S. facing online poker sites.  One of the quirks of playing an international poker event in the States is that while American citizens cannot retire from the live tables to play and practice online, non-Americans can log-in to their respective poker sites to their hearts content and continue the winning (or losing) streaks as long as they want.

The British players have also brought with them the usual contingent of vociferous supporters more normally associated with the boxing crowds who visit Vegas.  Their footie style chanting and professional level beer drinking have certainly brought an element of ‘liveliness’ to the proceedings.

Watch this space for a full WSOP results round up next week.



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