Olivia Boeree

In our last post we wrote about the incredible contribution made to the cause of ladies poker by Jennifer Tilly, an accomplished actress and occasional poker pro who has swapped back and forth between the two roles with consummate ease in recent years.

In a similar vein this article is about Olivia ‘Liv’ Boeree, one of what you might call the new breed of professional poker players who have, like Tilly, brought a much needed touch of female glamour to the poker tables.  Before the biography begins it’s worth mentioning that in 2010 she finished just outside the top ten money earners in the poker world.

Born in 1984 in Sittingbourne, Kent, U.K., she studied physics and astrophysics at the University of Manchester which, to all intents and purposes, demonstrates the ability to perform the type of logical and mathematical somersaults which is such a huge advantage in a game of percentages such as poker.

After she moved to London she took part in a reality poker TV show “UlitmatePoker.com Showdown” in which she was coached by none other than Phil Hellmuth.  Following this introduction into the world of poker she began playing more seriously and her cash wins began to arrive from 2006 onwards, the first being a 7th place at the Welsh Amateur Poker Championships but the most significant being a 1st place finish at a Caesar’s Palace tournament which qualified her for the 2007 Five Diamonds Poker Classic at The Bellagio.  Her biggest cash win was winning the European Poker Tour event in San Remo, Italy for €1,250,000.

However she is not just a poker player, her looks have meant a career as a model and her looks and talent combined have led to several TV presenting jobs with some of the UK’s smaller channels, especially with regards to reporting from poker events around the world.  And just to make you feel even more inferior, she can also play the guitar.

Boeree talks about her EPT game

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